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Lil-Town Wheatens

                                                      of Ardnacassa


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If you decide that a Wheaten is the "pet for your family", please buy from a Reputable Breeder. A reputable breeder will have the following health testing done on your puppies Sire and Dam and will be able to show you the results:


Complete CBC blood profile, Urinalysis including protein/creatinine ratio – done every year.


OFA (x-ray for hip dysplasia) – done after the age of 2 – hips must be rated fair, good or excellent.


CERF (Certification of eyes by a canine Ophthalmologist) to make sure there is no eye disease.


This way you can be assured that the "Breeder" has bred to the best of their ability to produce a healthy puppy for your family to enjoy for many years !


Contact ...

for more information regarding Wheaten's health.



 Visit your favorite
Veterinarian often to
insure your dog's good
health and welfare.

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